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On shelf, will ship. Actual picture of the item you will receive unless otherwise stated. Please see pictures above for more accurate item condition.

Land Rover Range Rover TCM programming pt1

Check the interchange below when available or match to your part before buying. Please email if you have any questions. Many Late Model radios, computers, and modules are designed to work in conjunction with your car's VIN. Consequently, you may need your dealer to reprogram at your expense.

Please ask your mechanic if the part you are buying will need programming. If a radio theft lock code is activated, it is your responsibility to have unlocked. The Option codes are shown on the "service parts identification" tag typically located in the trunk, or glove box.

If you do not see the 3 digit option code on your tag, the part will most likely not fit. All parts are tested and come with a 30 day limited parts replacement warranty unless stated otherwise.

Extended warranties available for purchase on some items. Please see our warranty page in the header of the listing and in our store for more information.

U0402 – Invalid data received – transmission control module (TCM)

There is no charge for local pickup Ohio residents subject to 7. We cannot ship oversized or freight items outside the Continental US.

range rover transmission control module location

We cannot ship hoods. If there is a part you are looking for that you do not see in our store, there is a good chance it is still available. Please e-mail us by using the "ask seller" link above. Morad Parts Company.

Please call or email for a quote if outside the US. Cleveland, ohio open m-F 9am-5pm International Priority Shipping.Hello, great information. Is there any way to program the shift points of a ZF6HP26? Thanks, Antonio. This is useful for when the engine power has been increased significantly from stock.

A tuner can also adjust the shift pressures. Sonnax zip kits are also helpful for these transmissions. I have i when i get to a syop i loose 1st gear for like 2 seconds then it comes back any ideas.

Can you please help me been trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance. I get the symptoms of a bad TCC. I replaced the torque converter, but it did not fix the problem.

Do you think if i replaced all the gaskets it will solve my problem.

Utcn admitere

I have checked the Ohms on all solenoids and they are 5. I went to change the fluid in it to your recommended ZF Life guard since I have it out of the car. I took it out and off the valve body. Is it possible that when I took the shift cable off I damaged it? I was having trouble with the getting it off.

I have a cycling revs issue driving only after a oil and filter change this has become noticeably more prominent options :. I have this transmission in my XKR.

My problem is that the rpm when the engine is cold goes up and down when driving. The biggest problem is that the transmission makes squik noice when i make a kickdown from gear 6 to 5.First manufactured inthe Range Rover is currently in its third generation.

Like many vehicles, the Range Rover is known to have a few transmission problems, such as a stuck gear shift, limited acceleration, or the engine's failure to start. Troubleshooting these problems can help you save money in the long run before the problems become more expensive. Pay attention if your Range Rover is sticking in park or first gear. This is most likely due to the governor sticking. The governor is a device that senses the output shaft speed and provides signals to the hydraulic control valve telling the transmission when to shift.

If you change the transmission filter and transmission fluid, this should remedy the problem.

Land Rover Workshop Manuals

Notice if your vehicle is experiencing limited acceleration after driving it on the road. This is most likely due to worn out or faulty transmission seals.

Western mindanao

Replacing the seals with a kit purchased from an auto parts retailer should fix the problem. If the seals are broken, they will not hold the amount of pressure necessary to accelerate while the vehicle is in drive. Inspect your vehicle if it is not starting.

This is most likely a problem with the selector switch secured to the side of the transmission. The selector switch tells the transmission which gear you have selected. When the switch becomes defective, it sends incorrect signals to the transmission, causing the vehicle not to start. Replacing the faulty part with a new one will most likely remedy the problem. Step 1 Pay attention if your Range Rover is sticking in park or first gear. Step 2 Notice if your vehicle is experiencing limited acceleration after driving it on the road.We recommend Torque Pro.

All automatic transmissions use some form of computerized control in conjunction with the PCM and other control modules both to make gearshifts smoother, and to improve overall fuel economy. While the actual gearshifts on an automatic transmission are performed by electrically operated solenoids that shunt pressurized transmission fluid between fluid passages in the valve body, it is the transmission control module that directs the operation of the shift solenoids.

In practice, it is the PCM that calculates shift points and patterns based on input data from a variety of engine and drivability sensors. When a shift point is reached, the PCM communicates the information to the TCM, which then completes the commanded gearshift by commanding specific solenoid valves to redirect pressurized fluid out of, and into another fluid passage.

By pressurizing different passages at different times, the transmission is able to deselect one gear ratio, before selecting another by reconfiguring a set of clutches and planetary gears.

range rover transmission control module location

The reason for this arrangement is that in cases where the PCM determines that a dangerous condition exists based on input data from a host of sensors and that the vehicle is approaching the limits of controllability, it needs to be able to prevent the transmission from shifting up or down, which could aggravate the situation.

Moreover, both the traction- and stability control systems depend on the transmission not to execute gearshifts at the wrong time, such as when the traction control system is attempting to correct wheel spin on a slippery surface.

In these cases, the PCM will calculate the appropriate gear ratio, and will prevent the transmission from shifting out of that ratio until it determines that wheel spin is no longer occurring, and that the vehicle is accelerating normally and safely. From the above it should be obvious that for the PCM, TCM and other control modules to work together effectively, the PCM needs to receive accurate and valid input data from the transmission control module at all times.

Thus, when the PCM detects input data from the transmission control module that is invalid given the current operating conditions, it will set code U, and illuminate a warning light. Note that on most applications, the PCM will also initiate a failsafe or limp mode both as a safety measure, and to protect the transmission. The image above shows the location arrowed of the transmission control module on a Toyota Camry.

Note that while the TCM is often located directly on or near the transmission, on many applications it can also be located in the engine compartment, behind the splash cover inside a front wheel well, under the dashboard, or even in a centre console. If the module is not located on the transmission casing itself, refer to the manual for the affected application to locate and identify the transmission control module correctlyto avoid confusing the TCM with another module. Note that although code U rarely indicates a faulty transmission, the possibility that the transmission is indeed defective should not be discounted altogether, and especially in cases where additional, transmission related codes are also present.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Estimados tengo un mazda cx7 con este codigo y no me funciona la reversa y segunda, si vien la reversa la puedo colocar con la palanca selectora y me enciende la R en el tablero no se mueve el auto, solo se mueve en D y Manual.

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Jorge Coppelli. Divino jose. Farrukh Sair. Next Post Next U — Invalid data received — steering effort control module.A bad TCM could result in your transmission shifting hard, to the wrong gear, or not shifting at all. The gear engagement could be harsh or delayed at times, and may also lead to a gear status indicator malfunction.

A PCM, therefore, controls both engine and transmission operations. A BCM controls most of the interior and exterior body functions, like interior and exterior lighting, wipers, doors and windows, seats, radio, instrument cluster and even HVAC functions. Any issues related to a BCM malfunction could cause one or more of these systems to stop working, or break intermittently.

We Do More. Modern cars come with anywhere from 4 to 80 modules depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

We can't realistically list all the modules we cover, but we can assure you that we cover almost all modules across the platform with very few exceptions. Call us today to confirm our coverage for your specific module! External inspection of the Control Module.

Replication of the concern for which the module was received. Isolation of the problem and it's relavent circuits in the module. Post-Repair testing and quality checks. Every module shipped out to our customers has all the pertinent information regarding the repairs done to the module, and also any specific repairs or testing required on the vehicle itself before the module is installed. We also include Technical Service Bulletins and any additional maintenance procedures that our Certified Master Technicians deem necessary to ensure the proper repair of the vehicle.

All this is included in our Free Technical Assistance program that all our customers have access to. Are you looking for another car manufacturer? Don't worry! We cater to all module needs, covering most car manufacturers from around the world.

Click below to see the complete list of car manufacturers we support for both your module repairs, and remanufacturing needs.

range rover transmission control module location

Our Repair Service Includes:. What we do different from our competitors:.

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Not Your Make? Repair Coverage.Body control modules can be troublesome devices, especially when they make your vehicle do strange things as a result of the BCM malfunctioning. A BCM is defined as a computer component in a vehicle that operates, regulates and checks the vehicle's electronic devices. When vehicles first began coming equipped with electronic devices, there existed a separate module for every device.

Pay attention to your vehicle. When a BCM is malfunctioning, the electronic components of the vehicle will begin acting in strange ways and not working properly. Some of the possible causes of a malfunctioning BCM include the clock on the radio not keeping its time and reverting to when the vehicle is turned off, then turned on again. Check to make sure all the electronic devices are working properly.

If you use a key fob to lock and unlock the doors, the function may not work. Turn the radio and CD player on. Sometimes a CD player will stop playing a CD and will begin broadcasting a radio station.

The frequency of these actions depends on the severity of the malfunctioning BCM. Check the fuse box if you suspect that your vehicle's BCM is on the blink.

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Make sure all the fuses are in good shape. If any are burnt out, replace them immediately. If you have replaced blown fuses and you are still experiencing problems with your vehicle, take it to the dealer so the mechanics there can run a diagnostics test on the vehicle. Take your vehicle to Auto Zone or Checker or another similar auto parts store. They also have the capabilities to run a diagnostic test on your vehicle if you are short on time or can't take it in to the dealer.

The only drawback to taking it to an auto parts store is that, most of the time, the person performing the diagnostic test can't read the code and will refer you to a dealer, anyway. Step 1 Pay attention to your vehicle. Step 2 Check to make sure all the electronic devices are working properly.

Step 3 Turn the radio and CD player on. Step 4 Check the fuse box if you suspect that your vehicle's BCM is on the blink. Tip Taking your car to the dealer or other certified mechanic is always your best bet.View Cart Checkout.

Sensors and data provided by the Engine Control Module calculate various components that identify how well your car or truck is performing. The TCM is responsible for functions including the optimal time to switch gears, monitoring fuel economy and emissions, and shift quality.

The age of your TCM plays a factor in how the unit functions. Modern day TCMs receive signals from several sources including engine sensors, automatic transmission sensors, and other controllers that determine how to run the transmission in the most efficient way.

The complexity of modern TCMs are unique to each make and model, and each calculation is based on a number of parameters — the end goal being to optimize the efficiency of your transmission. At Module Experts, we lead the industry in finding new and innovative ways to repair and remanufacture Transmission Control Modules.

Contact us today to see how quickly we can have your TCM fixed or remanufactured and back in your car. We can help you determine your best option, whether that is repairing your module or purchasing a refurbished replacement. Skip to content info ModuleExperts.

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Electrical Control Units (ECU)

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